The Board of Deacons was formed in 2013 to carry out the ministry of compassionate care and service for our congregation. The primary responsibility of the deacon is to maintain personal contact with the members and friends of Port Orange Presbyterian Church, building relationships and responding to pastoral care. Deacon activities include words and cards of encouragement, celebration or bereavement, home and hospital visitation, phone calls and home communion to those who are not able to attend church on communion Sunday.  

Board of Deacons and Members under their care by last name
Deacon Term July 2018 - June 2019
Deacon Moderator, Carol Christopher / 386-453-7354
Deacon Co-Moderator, Deborah Dunn / 386-212-6294

Call the church (386-788-1111) if you would like your Deacons phone number.

Deacon Lee Gittner: Albert - Birch  
Deacon Barbara Pecket: Boaz - Clancy
Deacon Angie Katzenstein: Clark - Deni
Deacon Mary Tarrant:  Disher - Foster
Deacon Linda Pringle:  Fox - Hedrick
Deacon Jackie Peddycoart:  Hemmig - Kauffman
Deacon Kathie Vanderlaan:  Kelly - Little
Deacon Sue Espiritu:  Loetterle - McKee
Deacon Debra Bielat:  McNelley - Moran
Deacon Sharon Pecket:  Morelli - Piggotte
Deacon Saroja Boaz:  Poehnert - Russell
Deacon Aloma Briggs:  Saldon - Sorenson
Deacon Pat Anderson:  Stephens - Visscher
Deacon Margie Topol:  Walrond - Ziems
Deacon Helen McTammany: Home Communion 


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